• Julien Borghino

Some magic locations in Edinburgh

I have this theory that you never really explore the place where you are from. I never really visited the south of France (where I'm from) but I know Scotland well, especially Edinburgh where I spent 4 years. That's why I believe that it is interesting to visit a new city with a foreigner, let's call this person a dreamer, someone who discovered the place through adults eyes.

Maybe this place was a lifetime aspiration for this dreamer (That's the case for me and Scotland). Then the dreamer will share all the secrets he or she discovered because this place never stops to astonish them.

One of my friend is a French guide in the Scottish capital. He is very passionate about Edinburgh and made me discover exceptional locations that I am using for my photo shoots, for couple photography of course but also for fashion photography.

Here's a few examples

In order:

-Dr Neil's garden

-North Berwick

-Dean's Gardens

-Arthur Seat

-Dean Village

-Union Canal


-Victoria Terrace

-Blackford Hill

-Circus Lane


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