Music is the first way of expressing myself that I had. My dad is a musician and I grew up in a very musical environment. Although I would consider myself more as a composer than a musician. Creating videos is a perfect way for me to use my music. I compose and record  original music for most of my videos and I find it a perfect way of being creative cause I control the emotion that I or my clients want to express.

Underneath, some original tunes composed and recorded by myself 

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The Character of Rain is a duet that I am lucky to have with the very talented Katherin Barg. We have released our first EP "In Every Story" in June 2018.

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Discover our first music video from our fist single "Sleep" filmed and directed by myself.

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Discover my first solo album!

Instrumental and atmospheric music mostly improvised recorded at home

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In exclusivity discover "Unsafe" featuring Haley's singer Jeremy Maniscalco